me on stage! OMG, best night ever *O*


Hey guys ! Can i ask you a favour ? To help my friend to win two tickets to a concert xD
I can reblog your posts in return, or something, but please, help us o:

To help us you have only to like the page click to see gallery and vote on her (Dalinda Eusébio), please! she’s on the third page.

Thank you so much ! <3

(Fonte: misspwettykitty)


bilhete para marés vivas.

só meter like na página, “votar e ver galeria”, e like na foto da dalinda eusébio, é logo a primeira (:
é para ganhar um bilhete duplo para o festival marés vivas, desculpa o incómodo e obrigada se puderes ajudar (:



A few things you should know about Jensen Ackles
When Jensen was in middle school, his friends found a catalogue ad he did for Superman pyjamas. They printed as many copies as they could and posted them up all around the school.
Jensen was one of the top nominees for the role of Captain America.
He was 2 years old when he got his first modelling gig.
Jensen was named the sexiest ghostbuster in People’s magazine
His first role was for television series Wishbone, a children’s program about a talking dog.
Jensen was suspended from preschool for kissing a girl on the lips.

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